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Authentic, locally driven hotels redefining luxury for the modern day explorer.

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Call us what you want. Digital Nomads. Creatives. Travelers. We’re today’s modern explorers, those who seek out the heart of a place — the arts and culture, the people, the neighborhoods that make it special. It’s an approach to travel you can think of as ‘shared experience’.

Shared experience is a style of travel fueled by authentic connections and meaningful interactions. It’s something that’s always experienced in the moment, like a conversation on a rooftop bar at sunset. Shared experience reminds us that for all the differences in our stories, we’re more alike than we are different.

At FOUND, we foster shared experience by providing the ideal space for interacting and exploring. We’ve redefined luxury by ditching the wasteful, outdated model of traditional hotels. Instead we revitalize, reuse, and adapt old buildings into sophisticated yet affordable home bases in the most vibrant neighborhoods in the US — places like Boston Common, River North in Chicago, or Dupont Circle in Washington D.C.. From dive bars to jazz clubs to posh foodie spots; the best our cities have to offer is just steps from your door.

What to expect

  • Prime City Locations Prime City Locations
  • Communal Spaces Communal Spaces
  • Daily Social & Local Activities Daily Social & Local Activities
  • Shared Bunk Rooms Shared Bunk Rooms
  • Private Rooms Private Rooms
  • Free Wifi Free Wifi
  • Food & Beverage Food & Beverage